Chapter 050

The department shall impose control measures to prevent the spread of disease in the exercise of its power to protect the public health. The district attorney of the county where the corporation has its principal place of business or the Attorney General may Chapter 050 and prosecute the appropriate proceedings to recover the fine.

Added to NRS by; A;;;;, ;,;;NRS The representation of a drug, in its labeling, as an antiseptic shall be considered to be a representation that the drug is a germicide, except in the case of a drug purporting to be, or represented as, an antiseptic for inhibitory use as a wet dressing, ointment, dusting powder, or such other use as involves prolonged contact with the body.

A a practitioner or other health care provider licensed by this state who has obtained, as required by law, consent to the treatment of the person to whom the product is furnished; or B the parent, guardian, or managing conservator of the person to whom the product is furnished; 2 the person to whom the product is furnished has had the disabilities of minority removed for general purposes under Chapter 31Family Code; or 3 the product is a drug.

For the purposes of NRS A solicitation of a deposit is made in this State, whether or not either party is present in this State, if the solicitation: Each record filed with the Secretary of State pursuant to this chapter must be on or accompanied by a form prescribed by the Secretary of State.

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The executive commissioner shall adopt rules to implement this subsection. If the provisions of the form prescribed by the Secretary of State conflict with the provisions of any record that is submitted for filing with the form: When the Secretary of State is advised that a corporation is doing business in contravention of NRS Failure of any corporation to receive a notice does not excuse it from the penalty imposed by the provisions of NRS To the lawful issue of each deceased brother and sister, by right of representation, the same share that the parent would have received if the parent had been living at the time of the death of the decedent.

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Each health authority shall provide information on request according to the department's written instructions. The provisions of this chapter regarding the selling of food, drugs, devices, or cosmetics, shall be considered to include the manufacture, production, processing, packaging, exposure, offer, possession, and holding of any such article for sale; and the sale, dispensing, and giving of any such article, and the supplying or applying of any such articles in the conduct of any food, drug, or cosmetic establishment.

Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, each foreign corporation doing business in this State shall, not later than the month of March in each year, publish a statement in two numbers or issues of a newspaper published in this State that has a total weekly circulation of at least 1, Acts71st Leg.

If there is no issue, surviving spouse or parent, then the estate goes in equal shares to the brothers and sisters of the decedent and to the lawful issue of any deceased brother or sister by right of representation as follows: Tomoko responds, "the sunset.

If the decedent leaves no surviving spouse, or child or children, but there is the lawful issue of a child or children, all the estate descends and must be distributed to the lawful issue of the child or children by right of representation, and this rule applies to the lawful issue of all such children, and to the lawful issue ad infinitum.

In a criminal proceeding under this section, it is not necessary to prove intent, knowledge, recklessness, or criminal negligence of the defendant beyond the degree of culpability, if any, stated in Section Amended by Acts77th Leg. The executive commissioner by rule shall set the allowance in an amount not to exceed the travel and per diem allowance authorized for state employees traveling in this state on official business.

Only the minimum necessary information may be released under this subsection, as determined by the health authority, the local health department, or the department. Stunned as Ogino drags her from the room, Tomoko wonders how Ogino could know this about her as Ogino rants that she will only help her this one time: Milk or a milk product is a food for purposes of this chapter.

050 - Populations

In the course of an investigation of a violation of this section, the Secretary of State may require a corporation to answer any interrogatory submitted by the Secretary of State that will assist in the investigation.

Amended by Acts78th Leg. Added by Acts72th Leg. The representation of a drug, in its labeling, as an antiseptic shall be considered to be a representation that the drug is a germicide, except in the case of a drug purporting to be, or represented as, an antiseptic for inhibitory use as a wet dressing, ointment, dusting powder, or such other use as involves prolonged contact with the body.

As used in this section and for the purposes of NRS The term includes wrapped meats enclosed in papers or other materials as prepared by the manufacturers thereof for sale. A public health disaster may be renewed one time by the commissioner for an additional 30 days.

The person may not waive the right to an attorney unless the person has consulted with an attorney. If the corporation is a publicly traded company, the corporation must list its Central Index Key.

A person who is not doing business in this State within the meaning of this section need not qualify or comply with any provision of this chapter, chapter AB or E of NRS or title 55 or 56 of NRS unless the person: A person who is required to maintain records under this chapter or Section or g of the federal Act or a person who is in charge or custody of those records shall, at the request of the department or a health authority, permit the department or health authority at all reasonable times access to and to copy and verify the records.

The commissioner shall issue appropriate instructions relating to complying with the reporting requirements of this section. Whenever one spouse dies intestate, leaving heirs, if the other spouse dies intestate after the first spouse, without heirs, leaving property, the estate of the second spouse to die vests in the heirs of the first spouse to die, subject to expenses of administration and payment of legal debts against the estate.

The Secretary of State may by regulation provide for the electronic filing of records with the Office of the Secretary of State. A recognized in the official United States Pharmacopoeia National Formulary or any supplement to it; B intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or other animals; or C intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals and that does not achieve any of its principal intended purposes through chemical action within or on the body of man or other animals and is not dependent on metabolization for the achievement of any of its principal intended purposes.

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The Whatcom County Code is current through Ordinancepassed August 8,and Resolutionpassed August 8, Disclaimer: The Clerk of the Council's Office has the official version of the Whatcom County Code. health and safety code.

050 - Populations

title 6. food, drugs, alcohol, and hazardous substances. subtitle a. food and drug health regulations. chapter texas food, drug, and cosmetic act.

View Chapter_ from NURSING NUR at Texas Southern University. Lewis: Medical-Surgical Nursing, 10th Edition Chapter 50 Assessment of Reproductive System KEY POINTS STRUCTURES AND FUNCTIONS OF.

Lehne: Pharmacology for Nursing Care, 7 th Edition Chapter Drugs for Angina Pectoris Test Bank 1. The nurse is teaching a class to cardiac rehabilitation patients. To test their knowledge, the nurse poses the question, “Which class of drugs is considered the treatment of choice for acute anginal attacks?” The correct response should be a.

ACE inhibitors%(12).

Chapter 050
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