A movie analysis of muriels wedding

The following day, Betty writes a blank check for Muriel to cash into the scheme. After the ceremony Muriel and David return to David's apartment who gives her a perfunctory tour of place.

At Muriel's elaborate wedding, her former friend group serve as the bridesmaids, while Rhonda bound to her wheelchair is relegated to being a guest, which leads to an awkward discussion between Rhonda and her former bullies.

The story ends happily ever after, not as a typical romantic comedy would with the man of her dreamsbut with a good female friend, thereby still fulfilling the expectation of unification.

This leads to the bittersweet vibe. This one goes by P.

Her mother's death has forced Muriel to take a hard look at her life, and the next morning, Muriel asks David, who has decided that he likes having her around, for a divorce. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. There are several set pieces which are memorable: Realising that Betty lived only for her family and that her constant marginalisation broke Betty's will to live, Muriel breaks down and realises that all the frauds, falsehoods and lies only lead to pain.

Later, Rhonda and Muriel perform an Abba lip-sync in the talent contest. Her humiliation is complete a few evenings later when the girls cruelly ask her to leave their trendy, close-knit group, stating any further involvement with the embarrassing Muriel will jeopardize their social lives.

While out to dinner, Muriel and her family run into Bill's rumored mistress, Deidre Chambers, who has done well in a cosmetics pyramid schemeand she recruits Muriel. At Muriel's elaborate wedding, her former so-called friends serve as the bridesmaids with the exception of Nicole; Muriel had asked Rhonda to be a bridesmaid but Rhonda turned her down, instead relegated to being a guest.

Tania and friends experience extreme outrage by Muriel's unwelcome presence, but help arrives in the form of chain-smoking Rhonda Epinstalk Rachel Griffithsan ex-classmate who also happens to be vacationing solo on the island.

During one of Rhonda's rehab sessions, Muriel promises that she will take care of Rhonda and that they will never need to return to their hometown. Realising that their marriage will be platonic, Muriel sits on her bed and contemplates the view.

Frustrated with his family's lack of ambition or drive he has turned into a tyrant. David soon makes his contempt for Muriel known, and Muriel realizes their relationship will always be platonic.

Muriel’s Wedding (1994) Film Study

Dianna witnessed Muriel stealing the dress at a store before the wedding. Muriel attends the wedding of Tania and Chook. Rhonda resolves to confront them, as she was also bullied by Tania in high school.

Muriel's Wedding Movie Review Summary

After being taunted for her eccentricities and weight, Muriel decides to remake herself into a fabulous new person. Now that Tania has proof that Chalk has been unfaithful, she plans on going on her Hibiscus Island honeymoon with her friends sans Muriel.

Meanwhile, back in Porpoise Spit, Muriel's mother accidentally shot-lifts a pair of sandals from a supermarket. David comforts Muriel and they consummate their marriage.

Bill attends with Deidre. The review of this Movie prepared by Tara Dugan Muriel Heslop is fed up with being unpopular and unhappy and thinks that if she gets married, her life will be perfect. Muriel visits Rhonda at her mother's house, where Muriel's former tormentors are also condescendingly visiting, and offers to take her back to Sydney.

Muriel has to escape this setting and go to the big, anonymous city in order to really confront her genuine self. The lying and cheating constitute the moral weakness; psychologically she has no confidence and is shy. While waiting in the emergency room in Sydney, Muriel calls her family home and learns the Australian Federal Police are investigating her father for corruption.

A movie analysis of muriels wedding

In Juno we have a re-unification with a man, though without her baby, which subverts norms for the genre. The following day Muriel's mother writes a blank cheque to cash intending for the money to let Muriel buy into the scheme.

The next morning Muriel asks David for a divorce, who has decided that he likes having her around. However, she leaves him at the hotel wishing him good luck for in the games. Betty arrives late to the wedding, missing the actual ceremony; Muriel doesn't notice her at the back of the church and walks past.

Some people might find it astonishing how many memorable popular films end in violence and death, but the history of drama is filled with them, and it is difficult to find any period that is not filled with them.

Hence, the story world is connected to the theme.

The film is spliced together with juxtapositions. Juxtapositions can be seen in the scenery, too: Instead of dreamily leafing through bridal magazines, Mariel is now boldly entering boutiques and trying on wedding dresses, telling sob stories so sales women will photograph her in the exquisite gowns.

When the police arrest Muriel for shoplifting the very dress she is wearing moments later, Muriel is positively mortified. The good-looking husband rewards this growth with a proper kiss. ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ written by P.J Hogan expresses the term ‘success’ under many corrupted ideologies such as marriage.

The notion of choice depicted in both ‘Hurricane Downturn’ and ‘ Muriel’s Wedding ’ is undermined by a variety of assumptions and themes. Muriel's Wedding Opening Scene Analysis Techniques Desperate Women Peer Pressure Bouquet -Opening Shot Techniques used - Low Angle Shot - Non-Diegetic Sound and music - Cross-Cutting to the faces of desperate women - tracking shot (with the bouquet) Techniques used - High Angle Shot - Diegetic Sound of screaming.

Mar 17,  · "Muriel's Wedding" has a lot of big and little laughs in it, but also a melancholy undercurrent, which reveals itself toward the end of the film in a series of surprises and unexpected developments.

The arc of its story involves Muriel's discovery of herself, and a developing faith that she can have a good time, make friends, and be valued/5. A complete analysis of P.J. Hogan's film, Muriel's Wedding (), within the topic of identity.

Thinkswap Satisfaction Guarantee Each document purchased on Thinkswap is covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee policy. Muriel's Wedding is an Australian comedy drama romance from The film provides a great case study of story structure. Muriel's Wedding is a Australian comedy-drama film written and directed by P.

J. Hogan. The film, which stars actors Toni Collette, Rachel Griffiths, Jeanie Drynan, Sophie Lee, and Bill Hunter, focuses on the socially awkward Muriel whose ambition is to have a glamorous wedding and improve her personal life by moving from her dead end.

A movie analysis of muriels wedding
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A movie analysis of muriels wedding